Question: Is this for real? It seems too good to be true.

Answer: Yes, we are the real deal. We have been offering Low Cost Dental Surgeries for over 7 years now. Don’t just take our word for it, read reviews of our program and organization ON YELP and/or ON FACEBOOK. In fact, the one thing that we ask in return for providing this service is that you write a review for us and post somewhere on social media: Yelp, Facebook, Next Door, etc.

If you don’t feel comfortable and this seems too good to be true, we don’t mind. Please use another service, elsewhere. You need to feel comfortable wherever you decide to take your fur baby!


Question: How can you afford to offer these surgeries at such a discount when I’ve been quoted anywhere from $1,200 to $3,200 for the same surgery?

Answer: We are able to keep our prices low for several reasons…

  • C.A.T.S. is a non-profit rescue group and we partner with another rescue organization who provides us with special rescue pricing. We pass along these savings to you. You will have to “Surrender” your fur-baby into the care of C.A.T.S., become a “Foster” within our organization and “Adopt” your fur-baby after surgery. (See Q&A about this below)
  • We are completely 100% volunteer-run. That means our drivers are not paid for transporting the cats and dogs to and from surgery. Well, we do pay for a Starbucks drink and/or a McDonald’s treat as a thank you. But other than that, we have volunteers.
  • Neither CATS nor the vet hospital upcharge on meds used during surgery. And we don’t nickle and dime you by charging for standard things that are used on every surgery (e.g. – like a pulse-ox monitor or surgical heating pad)
  • We work with a vet hospital located an hour away from Sacramento (Diamond Springs, which is near Placerville). Their overhead costs are much lower there. It just means a long “commute.”
  • We do not provide dental x-rays. We “poke around” once the cat/dog is under anesthesia to determine which teeth need to be removed.


Question: Why do I have to Surrender my cat/dog? I don’t want to give them up!

Answer: We don’t want you to give them up! That’s the whole reason that we developed this low cost dental program in the first place. We started after the housing crash of 2008 when people were approaching us (often in tears) to put their animals up for adoption because they could not afford to provide necessary dental surgery. We developed this program to help people afford to keep their pet(s) and provide the necessary medical help.

The paperwork is a formality. It is a way to legally cover everyone. You fill out a Surrender Form to surrender (on paper) your cat/dog to our rescue organization. You also complete and sign a Foster Form to become the foster parent of your cat/dog, within our organization. Now that your pet is part of our rescue, you can take advantage of the rescue pricing available to us and we are authorized to have the necessary work, done. Finally, you complete and sign an Adoption form and the process is complete – on paper. The only time that your cat/dog is in our care is on pre-exam day (only required in some cases) and on surgery day.


Question: Does my cat/dog stay overnight?

Answer: No. Your cat or dog will travel up and back within the same day for either a pre-exam and/or for dental surgery.


Question: How does the vet decide which teeth need to be extracted/removed?

Answer: We leave this 100% up to the vet hospital. The ones who are “poking around” after the cat/dog is under anesthesia are in the best position to decide which teeth, if any, need to be extracted. They use these “rules of thumb”

  • They ask themselves, what would I do if this were my dog/cat?
  • If the animal is older (10 years or more), and there is a debate as to whether or not to remove the tooth, they will err on the side of removal so that your cat/dog does not have to have said tooth at a later date. We don’t want the cat/dog to require surgery when they are even older.


Question: Which vet hospital do you partner with? Who does these surgeries?

Answer: We use Animal Outreach of the Motherlode (specializing in surgeries for rescue groups). Dr. Shirley Harman is our vet who oversees the dental surgeries.


Question: What if my cat/dog just needs a cleaning? S/he doesn’t need dental surgery!

Answer: Because we can’t tell an animal to open up and sit still while we clean, this will always be surgery. Even when it’s just a cleaning (no extractions), the teeth are individually scaled and polished. sometimes this can take a couple hours! There are places that offer non-anesthetic cleanings. These are best for maintenance and are not nearly as thorough as our cleanings.


Question: Why do you require blood work for older animals?

Answer: The older the animal, the higher the risk for surgery. We all want the same thing…a safe and successful surgery for your cat/dog. Besides, if it has been a while since your older cat/dog had lab work done, it’s a good idea to have a baseline for your aging pet.


Question: What is the cost for a blood test through your program? Can I bring my cat/dog just for the blood work alone?

Answer: Our cost is a flat $120. This is only provided to cats/dogs going through our dental program. It is not available outside of this program. The price is just our cost (no markup). You can obtain lab work from your vet if you prefer. Just ask for copies of the result to share with us.


Question: Why does the vet require my cat/dog to be spayed/neutered?

Answer: The vet hospital that we partner with, works hard to provide low cost spay/neuter surgeries for rescue groups. They are dedicated to stopping overpopulation of homeless cats and dogs in the greater Sacramento area (as are we). As such, it goes against their mission to work with animals who are intact.