The mission of the Cats About Town Society (C.A.T.S.) is

  1. to stop the suffering of homeless and abandoned cats and kittens;
  2. to adhere to a humane, no-kill policy;
  3. and to continually work towards a community where every cat and kitten has a safe and loving home.

Officers and Directors:

Billie Haws – Chairman of the Board
Suna Kneisley – Executive Director, Board member
Jen Proulx – Board member
Andrea Phillips – Secretary, Board member
Kim Geil – Treasurer, Board member

Cats About Town Society (C.A.T.S.) incorporated on March 19, 1998, with a mission to rescue, protect and support cats in need in the Sacramento area and to help reduce the suffering that is caused by overpopulation.

C.A.T.S. is an all-volunteer group without any paid staff. Most of our cats and kittens are surrendered to us by people who cannot or do not want to care for them anymore. We also take in abandoned, orphaned or stray cats.

Our rescued cats and kittens mostly live in foster families until they are adopted into permanent homes. A foster family has the chance to get to know the cat well and tell a prospective adopter about the kitty’s likes, dislikes, and little quirks. Observation, treatment for any medical condition and socialization are the key advantages of our foster family program.

C.A.T.S. spays and neuters all animals in our system before we offer them for adoption. We have our animals tested for feline leukemia (FeLV) and vaccinated (FVRCP/kitty colds & rabies) as appropriate for their age.

C.A.T.S offers a lifetime return on all animals adopted through us. Our adoption contract stipulates that the animal must be returned to us if the adoption does not work out. This is to prevent that the cat is abandoned or taken to an animal shelter where it may be euthanized. Refunds can only given when cats are returned within 2 weeks of adoption and with all medical and adoption paperwork.

Every year, we place hundreds of cats and kittens in caring, permanent homes. As a non-profit organization we depend on contributions and grants to continue our rescue efforts. If you would like to help give a cat another chance in life, make a donation, or have other questions, please contact us at: (916) 224-1117

Your tax deductible donations are always appreciated.

CATS Goals and Achievements :

A) Spay/Neuter cats to prevent reproduction in excess of the number that can enjoy loving homes.

B) Provide medical care (routine or major medical, when possible) to rescued cats and kittens.

C) Locate temporary foster homes for rescued cats and kittens, and provide financial help to those homes when necessary and possible.

D) Adopt rescued cats and kittens into selected caring, responsible permanent homes.

E) Raise funds for the corporation to support rescue, spay/neuter, education efforts, and medical costs.

F) Educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering cats in preventing overpopulation and homelessness.

G) Assist the public in solving problems that may prevent them from providing, or continuing to provide a home for their cats.

H) Perform limited local pound rescue by authorized members.

I) Maintain a phone line to respond to community requests for assistance and advice on cat rescue procedures and other cat related problems.

J) Euthanize only to prevent suffering when there is no hope.

K) Recruit veterinarians to provide necessary medical services for rescued cats at discounted rates that recognize the corporation’s nonprofit status.

L) To receive contributions and grants, and to dispense such contributions and grants exclusively for the activities listed in this statement.

M) Recruit fosters and volunteers to further the goals of this corporation.