Olivia’s Success Story

  • Adopted cat: Olivia (formerly Marilyn)
  • Adopted from: Natomas Petsmart during a weekend adoption event
  • Cat type: 6-month old female tabby kitten

I just wanted to thank Livia’s foster mom Jen and all the Cats About Town folks for the gift of Olivia. Though I considered adopting a kitten from various shelters in Sacramento, I decided to adopt from Cats About Town because the adoption fee included spaying, as well as screening for FeLV, and an initial vet check (all of which would have been more expensive for me to have done at my vet)—ensuring my new kitten was healthy, and because having met her foster mother (Jen) at the adoption event, I knew my kitten Livia had been well-care for, loved, and even socialized to other cats when I adopted her. Her foster mama knew Livia’s medical history, which she shared with me, gave me advice on how to introduce her to my current older cat, Prothero, and graciously provided me with her contact email so I could ask questions if I had any, and to send her updates on Livia’s progress.

Though her foster mama claimed Livia would be shy at first, Olivia warmed up to me within an hour of getting her home and settled. In fact, how quickly and thoroughly she adjusted to me and to her new home was a testament to how well her foster mother must have loved her. She had a good appetite, knew what to do with the litter box, was curious, full of affection, had tremendous energy, and her physical appearance was obviously that of a healthy animal.
Though it was an exercise in patience to convince my Prothero to accept Livia, now that a month has passed, Livia’s playfulness and longing has now won over my Prothie—who came to me as a stray with no previous socialization to other cats. Though Livia’s tremendous kitten energy can sometimes overwhelm him, they now happily sleep close to each other on my bed and this neutered tomcat, who is easily twice her size, has even begun grooming her regularly.

Thank you so much for being such a great organization, and for caring so well for all the animals in your care. Your foster parents are to be commended for their love and commitment!

Sincerely, Megan

Hannah’s Success Story

I wanted to just say thank you soooooooo very much again for finding Hannah for me. She has made me absolutely soooooooo very happy. She is actually sitting here with me right now as I write this. I love her so much. She has really taken to life well around here. She comes anytime I call her, she plays tag with the dogs when she feels frisky, she follows me all around the house and if she is being lazy and doesn’t want to come she will just meow a few times to let me know she heard me. Amazingly she gets along with everybody except our other cat…..which is fine because the other cat is in the garage and doesn’t come in the house anyway-so they very rarely get a look at each other.

She isn’t supposed to be on the counter but she knows if she gets up there then I will pick her up and give her a lot of love before I put her back down on the floor……she is so funny and has me totally wired. She has the best personality and I just can’t convey enough how great she is.

– Sheila

ADOPTED – Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Fly Away!


This adorable girl is about 2 yrs old and is a delight. She adores attention and will scratch on the glass to get it. Once you start petting her, you better not quit as she will grab your hand with her paws and sometimes her mouth (gently!) and insist on more. She is a character. You can meet her at the Natomas Marketplace Petsmart on the Weekends from 11am – 5pm. Adoption fee $90



ADOPTED: Jasmine – My Parents Got Divorced…


I am an amazing girl who has been bottle fed and coddled. I am loving and cuddly and enjoy sleeping on the bed.
Unfortunately, I am a product of a divorce. My owners had to return me to CATS after 2 1/2 yrs. The whole family was devastated as I am. I lived with two young boys and another cat named Sassy and a big lab. We were one big happy family for awhile. I’m really hoping to find that kind of loving home again, soon.



ADOPTED!! – Ride, Sally, Ride

Mustang Sally


“Listen, you been runnin’ all over town – MEOW!” The lyrics to Mustang Sally are appropriate to our Mustang Sally. She is a sweet kitty who is ready to ride home with you!

Mustang Sally is a very sweet cat with a silly personality. She’s very active and playful. She loves to talk and will tell you about her day when you get home. Mustang Sally was rescued out of an over crowded shelter where she was on the list to be euthenized. We’ve given her second chance and now she needs someone to give her another chance.

Come see Mustang Sally and she will tell you how she can make you happy if you take her home You can meet her at the Natomas Marketplace Petsmart on the Weekends from 11am – 5pm. Adoption fee $90.