To surrender and then foster your cats and or kittens you must be scheduled by our Intake Coordinator Andrea. The best way to reach her is via text at 916-224-1117.

The rescue provides the medical care required for adoptions including spay/neuter services and vaccinations. We recoup the cost of these services via the adoption fee. Therefore, once the cat is surrendered into our program, it MUST be adopted out through Cats About Town Society.

To enter the program, please bring the cat/kittens to the Natomas Petsmart on your scheduled date for intake paperwork and initial medical care. You will be completing a surrender form as well as a foster contract to begin this process. Once the cat/kitten(s) are two pounds, they can be scheduled for surgery. You can contact Andrea to confirm the next spay/neuter date and available slots.

You will receive a text message from Andrea one day prior to the surgeries order to confirm details. We meet in Natomas at 6:00 in the morning on the day of surgery. The address will be sent to you the day before. Cats/kittens must be brought in a hard-sided plastic carrier. If you do not have one, please let Andrea know and she will request one for you. You will receive at least one hour’s notice of the return time later that evening. On the next Saturday, you will bring your foster(s) in to the Natomas Petsmart at 1:00 pm for adoption. There is no need to bring anything with them, unless they have a special toy or treat that you want to go with them. Some fosters create little goodie bags or special signs for their cats, but it certainly is not a requirement.