I wanted to just say thank you soooooooo very much again for finding Hannah for me. She has made me absolutely soooooooo very happy. She is actually sitting here with me right now as I write this. I love her so much. She has really taken to life well around here. She comes anytime I call her, she plays tag with the dogs when she feels frisky, she follows me all around the house and if she is being lazy and doesn’t want to come she will just meow a few times to let me know she heard me. Amazingly she gets along with everybody except our other cat…..which is fine because the other cat is in the garage and doesn’t come in the house anyway-so they very rarely get a look at each other.

She isn’t supposed to be on the counter but she knows if she gets up there then I will pick her up and give her a lot of love before I put her back down on the floor……she is so funny and has me totally wired. She has the best personality and I just can’t convey enough how great she is.

– Sheila